hi, I began my journey in fashion as a stylist in 2006 when I made the big move to Los Angeles. I consider myself a hippie at heart, and am heavily inspired by fashion movements from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Born into the arts, my mother is both an artist, hairstylist and color educator, and my father was a photographer and a jazz musician. As early as I could remember, I was immersed into fashion and loved to take the lead in styling myself to the nines during every moment I had to dress to impress from grade school photos to yearbook pictures, I consistently took initiative to stand out, and express myself. To this day, I still consider myself a fashion rebel. An extremest that loves to take risks and experiment with different fashion trends and time periods.

What J style Insider is all about is, imagination and dressing according to no ones rules. I love art, and emotion, and unpredictability, and often dress in accordance to how I feel. I have many moods, and points of view and this is something that naturally translates in how I dress every day, and for any occasion. Because style is something I learned, not something I was taught, I naturally have an inclination to want to help people discover their own style language and take pride in being different.

Having a blog, and committing to something I love and feel passionate about is a very important aspect of personal achievement, and lucky for you – J style Insider is a fun way to explore fashion from my lens, and learn more about fashion as a culture, and language. Since I creative direct and produce my own shoots ranging from street style looks, to personal projects for the blog — here, you’ll find a broad range of creative inspiration to add to your collection and something original to explore in your own world of fashion.

Thank you for following, and supporting my vision and movement.

Much Love,


XO Ja’Niya XO


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    • Thank you for such sweet feedback, I really appreciate the interaction, and seriously it was just something I thought of while writing my bio, and it just made sense. Glad to know it resonates with you too. ❤️

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