malibu dreaming.

Malibu dreaming is quite the metaphor. But this is the feeling I still get, even twelve years settled into Los Angeles. Every time I visit Malibu, I have the same inspired, light, and free feeling that I got the very first time. You’ll find miles and miles of beach access while driving down the PCH, and it’s a bit mesmerizing to say the least.  One of my favorite parts about this, is there are tons of different beaches within miles of each other. Malibu covers what feels like a never-ending highway completely surrounded by coastal points that offer lush landscapes, secluded beach access, hidden nooks, panoramic ocean views, and every location is nothing short of breathtaking.


These shots were taken right above El Matador beach off the PCH in Malibu. And this was a quick casual look I put together knowing I was going to be semi-on set for the day, or at least a few hours. I managed to snag these photos right after wrapping up filming cut away and b-roll footage for a music video. But overall, we got some dope drone footage as well as flipped an entire music video in one take, which hasn’t really ever been done before on my watch. Maybe we were pressed for time, but the female artist is also a perfectionist as a performer, singer and dancer, as well as she and her five dancers they came super prepared and ready, which was amazing!


One thing I love about this beach is although you have to walk down a treacherous stairway to get down to the beach, and then back up again to get to the PCH (and where most people end up parking) but once you get down the stairs, you’re literally suspended in awe, feet on the sand and just footprints from the ocean.  There you’ll find caves, and giant rocks that you can climb and swim to if you should ever dare. It’s like a mini paradise, but without the warm ocean. I can’t stress enough how cold Malibu is. I don’t ever get in the water. And the Pacific Ocean is a bit violent too to say the least. I prefer this beach mostly when the tide is further out. And this day, it was definitely not, in fact one of the team members got attacked by a wave and his socks and shoes were destroyed for a few hours. Lol
If you haven’t had the pleasure of ever seeing El Matador beach, you must go and witness for yourself. I try to get down there at least a few times a month because nothing compares to the peace of mind this place brings and there’s always something interesting happening nearby to say the least. Malibu is home to writers, filmmakers, artists, models, you name it, there is always something to appreciate that you likely haven’t seen before.  As there are constant guerrilla-style shoots happening, and funny most people just wing it without permits, because that’s part of the thrill of fashion and film. This at one point was a huge part of my life, shooting in Malibu with various teams, covering fashion editorials, and even at the beginning when I was building my styling portfolio about twelve years ago. I feel like this is part of the beauty, as well as the mystery of Malibu. And it’s been a long time since I’ve shot or filmed here.


But this shot above was really quite magical. We were nearby a house nestled on the beach and shooting around it, when I looked down and saw this rainbow in the sand below my feet. The thing I loved most about this is not just the rainbow, but that it was candid and true to life. One thing you’ll learn about me is I love taking pictures when standing upright of what I’m standing on, or around. I am a big fan of the shoe cam shots, and always find something artsy to photograph that I’m standing on, or on top of like street art, and it’s quite a JSTYLEINSIDER theme that I do a lot. This is something you’ll see mainly on my Instagram, and Snapchat stories if you follow me there, you’ll see quite often.


It’s funny, I look like I’m not that happy in some of these photos but the truth is, I cannot stand the sun in my eyes. I’ve never mastered the art of smizing when the sun is in my face, blinding the life out of me, I just look pissed off. Hehe! But I promise, I was quite the opposite. 🙂 This place brings out the best in me, and I love to have time to enjoy the serenity of the ocean, but also exercise my own creativity, and connect within. Little compares to this, as Los Angeles is always a shit show, sometimes you just need the beach, and to remember your dreams to get that recharge and fuel you  need to keep going.


Here’s what I’m wearing:

Tank top by (unsure: tags washed off by now), Denim Jeans by American Mazi, Denim Jacket by H&M Coachella, Sneakers by A.D.I.D.A.S, Eyewear by Unknown (gifted.)

Until Next Time Darlings,

Ja’Niya Xxx





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  1. kjowill says:

    Ja’Niya, if a beach could be “my person,” my “soulmate,” I’d chose a beach to live the rest of my life on. I’m most at peace and joyous surrounded by beach. Thank you for taking me to Malibu in your post ( and for that one time you took me to Malibu while visiting) The shots are wonderful and wow, where did that rainbow come from…just for you at the right moment in the right place; what a treasured moment. The “quick” look you put together was perfect for location and for the tasks at hand, and of course, exploring. Love you xoxo

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