In a New York Minute-

It may seem like a stretch when I say, I was in and out of Manhattan inna new york minute. But I tell you. This was one of those experiences. Who do you know that is crazy enough to fly from the west coast out to NY for a day trip to Manhattan? Hear me out. Lmao. I did this, knowing I would only be in The Big Apple for all of nine hours on business. Gladly accepted the mission. Packed a daytime travel bag with a few outfits and off to NYC I went.

Here’s the daytime look I put together, knowing I’d be filming mostly. But it mattered to keep the look true to my mood that day.

The real struggle with landing in NYC, having a full schedule, and only nine hours to accomplish several missions, was real.  On top of choosing the right outfit, keeping the weather in mind, and knowing regardless, I’d be changing in the woman’s bathroom at the airport had to be factored in. And outfit #1, didn’t make the cut. But being that I’m keen on problem-solving wardrobe malfunctions (in the heat of the moment) I knew I had this. Thank God for SUV’s and big jackets to hide underneath because I legit changed clothes (in under three minutes) in the back of a Uber SUV.  And I think I pulled it off quite well. Business casual to the next level. There’s a lot of my daytime laid back vibe in this look, which is absolutely true in this experience.


It’s only right that I could make time to complete my NYC mission once and for all. Street style photos in the midst of madness. I acheived the total tourist experience like never before. It was great! The people watching was insane. Definitely one for the books! And as naturally as I felt in my element, in that moment I hardly noticed anything else. It was just us, here in this instant.  Shooting fire candid shots in the heart of New York city. Dreams achieved.
Amidst from the traffic, car horns and thousands of people on top of each other, I found it thrilling adjusting to the atmosphere around us. And the timing of trying to get “the shot” without getting randoms in the frame was hilarious. Overall, NYC in this light was truly exciting, as I haven’t had the bounty of being an actual “subject” for a guerrilla-style fashion shoot on the streets of New York before.


Loved everything about this day. The vibe and surge of positive energy that New York has to offer is just mind blowing. Steps above entering my hometown, Los Angeles that’s for sure. I felt truly motivated. And the weather was a perfect mild summer temperature. I just love New York city.


As easy as this looks, it was quite challenging timing the frames between people practically walking on top of us. I’m so glad I chose this particular shoe option, because NYC is not as glamours as it looks on TV. Even though this is about the fifteenth trip to New York, its certainly amongst my most favorites.


Style Credits
: Denim by Fashion Nova, Tank Top by (Lost The Tag), Blazer by Zara, Patent Leather Loafers by Zara, Eyewear by Thrifted.


Until Next Time Love’s,
Ja’Niya Xx

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  1. kjowill says:

    Thank You for taking me on your guerilla photo shoot on the streets of NYC. I felt like I was with you. I love your vibe in all these shots which speak of ease but had to be a challenge if you imagine the obstacles of a New York “anything.” everything about your look is fabulous and represents street chic and comfort. So happy to see you building your “blog” brand and what an exciting, exhausting 9 hour journey How come I didn’t know this. You’re always full of surprises and give me those “WOW” moments. xoxo.

    1. Awe, yay! Thank you, I love that you felt you were there. There’s a lot to be said hearing how my post was able to transport you to my experience. That was exactly what I intended. I appreciate you so much! Excited to spend a bit more time building content for this blog. And I’m working on the next post as I type this. 🙂 XOXO

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