Retro Look: Vintage Christian Dior, Gold + Swarovski Crystal.

Based on popularity and well, Instagram, I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen LA’s signature pink wall. If you don’t know who the designer “Paul Smith” is, you aren’t living in this millennium.  Melrose Place has become LA’s trendiest hot spot to snap street style photos on the westside of Hollywood. In other words, it’s like a blogger’s paradise. Unlike the pink wall story, this is the first mint green one I’ve seen. If I could only remember the coordinates to this location. Somewhere outside of Culver City, and…I’m lost. This was an absolute impromptu shoot, obviously. And as a result of synergy in friendships, running with the winning circle you’ll just end up in magical places. Life is a great multiplier of abundance and if your eyes are always open, you’ll be surprised at the gifts you find in even the most obscure places. In my case, I came across this mint green gem that literally hyped up my Memorial Day.


I am out here living my best life, and living for all of this right here. On instant, the connection I felt to this random wall came with a mighty message. I came, I saw, I conqured. Clearly, I got the angel memo. The fact that I have zero knowledge of how I ever ended up here, is awesome. And when I left the house that afternoon, I had no plans for a photo shoot, but this just worked out. Look at God! I wish I could give the plug on this address, and I would make an announcement. I’d first send out an alert, calling all brand influencer troops. I’d be sure to have them lined up, miles ahead. But maybe then agan. This is too much giveaway. Maybe this will become my best kept secret. I like to keep things  mysterious mostly, if you truly know me on that level, you’d know this to be true. But then again, this now also has me thinking, maybe this is how the pink wall came to grew? In hindsight, feels like I might have just figured out life. Mint green feels to the max. Living for these lighbulb moments,


Cannot help but love when my life becomes a living, breathing example. In the proverbial world, anything less is unGodly. This moment, this green wall experience is an anomoly. But I’m thankful I came dressed for the occassion that led to this moment. And I look forward to the next one. I’ll see you back here in just two short days, as I have generous amounts of heat lined up in the arsenal. Just come along. And wait for it.
Wearing: Fringe Jacket Faubourg du Temple, Top and Denim by Fashion Nova, Vintage Christian Dior Belt, Sunnies by Gasoline Glamour


Until Next Time Darlings,
Ja’Niya Xx

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