Cornflower & Tan Trend For Keeps.

What can I say. I have an affinity for testing my vision. Lately, I’ve decided that I’ve spent primarily most of my twelve years in LA dressing and serving clients, and spent the least amount of time developing my brand as a stylist. When you get to a point where you need to expand your reach, and build an actual audience, its time to level up and make some important business decisions. It’s been time for me to take initative for the longest, and now that at the present moment “I am” my own biggest client, I get to build, and create from scratch my very own marketing ideas on ways to brand myself.  After all, fashion is a business, as is blogging, and I’ve always been keen at influencing trends in my collaborations with clients, so the only difference now is, I am my very own sole focus for once. And this is massive news!  Over the coming months, expect to see some big changes with JSTYLE INSIDER. I am always looking for people, and brands to collaborate with, and very interested in features, and bringing more awareness to green projects and products.


The best part about turning over a new leaf in this part of my journey, is I’ll actually have the time to focus on creating the content that I know my reader’s do enjoy. Which means, my blogs will be a lot more interactive and I’ll get to personally connect, and engage with my readers, because I’d love to know what you like about my blog, about my style, and what things you’re most into that I post about, so I can be sure to include more of that. The idea is to keep the consistency in motion, and update my blog as frequently as possible so you don’t forget about me! And the awesome part about styling myself, is I get to test out my trends, theories and creative ideas on myself, as my own muse. This is a really big step for me. For any of you that have been on the path observing my career peaks, and valleys, you have to be pretty elated to see that I am finally dedicated to building my brand, and totally switching it up in the process.


My look inspiration comes from a Harpers Bazaar article that totally took these colors to the next level. The”Cornflower and Tan Trend has been coined.  Apparently a thing of 2017. But it’s never too late to press the restart button, and explore ideas that may have never truly impacted the market.  I am the kind of person that doesn’t live my life by following fashion trends. Primarily because I don’t believe in being that big of a fashion consumer, and partly due to all of the mass production that isn’t making our planet any greener, I like to consider my wardrobe an actual investment. So I do buy a lot of vintage because I believe in recycling, and its good for the planet too.


And here’s what I’m wearing. A rare find, my 1970’s vintage Christian Dior eyewear (that I’ve collected for over a decade) with the  1980’s high slit vintage suede skirt (that I copped from a buy, sell, and trade store) in Studio City about a year ago. Paired it with a classic pin stripe button up by Zara with floral embroidery detailing on the back of the blouse which ties an symmetrical bow tightly along the waist. I decided to deconstruct the design, and crop it a bit and tie it in a way that made the tailoring have a better fit for my hourglass shape. And I finished the look off with the gold ribbon flats by Zara and a leather Movado watch that retails $799.00.
So if you’re looking to set off your wardrobe this summer, and do the “Cornflower and Tan” trend right, I suggest finding a sharp pinstripe button-up blouse, and something tan and suede to wear on the bottom, and then photograph and blog away, I’m interested to see other people’s looks, and how they put them together using this trend. Definitely could use a little spotlight. It’s practically summer 2018, and who ever knew navy and white (cornflower) and tan together was a thing? Well now you do, it’s cornflower and tan babes. Your turn.
Until next time!!!
Ja’Niya xx

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  1. kjowill says:

    Yay! So happy to see you focusing on your brand and I’m as excited as you are for what more branding and blogging will bring. I can’t wait to read more. I love, love tan. As far as neutrals, it’s really my favorite. I love the cornflower blue with the tan as well it’s so fresh. Your style is always impeccable, stylish, fashion forward and trendy without being overstated because you always put your own personal flair on what ever you choose to wear or pair with it. I say Yay to turning over a new leaf and well, fashion world and blog world “hold on to your hat” the Janiyastylist brand is about to take LA by storm. 🙂 xoxo

    1. Awe! Thank you for all of your sentiments, and the sweetest words ever. You made my day complete. Happy you loved this post and the outfit. You could totally rock this look. Let’s not ever forget, I get my style from you. XO

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