‘No-Chella,’ I Left My Heart At LA Hipster Bazaar!

My wanderlust for desert day parties, and #REVOLVE “around the world” socialite day events with the most beautifully staged and blog-worthy set design, just wasn’t in the cards for me this year. All the #Beychella eyegasms my heart could hold could not stand a chance at taking me out of my subdued element. See these days, I crave a more authentic circle, and choose to abstain from things that don’t logically make sense for me. Last weekend my mind was set on “NO-Chella” and that was the only vibration that made sense. There’s no amount of love for street style or blog content, or measure of boho-inspiration that could of dragged me from my comfort zone. Sorry Coachella. I’m going through some things. And I decided that my city alone holds a title of its own that deserves support. Who needs Palm Springs when you can have access to its unique tribe of awesome in the independent artist circle, that I find worth far more coverage than the mainstream.
IMG_5426 copy
Left: Ja’Niya Walker, Monica Ulrich (center) and Farah Shea (right)
LA’s local artist talent pool is astounding in contrast to the general predecessors of the blogosphere that represent the outer layer. I am more amused with finding the rare gems that aren’t already getting the media coverage and the support, and represent an original vision or style that reminds me of the places I’ve traveled around the world. I am among one of those selective Virgo’s that doesn’t get involved in anything that doesn’t send a personal message, or feed my soul. I traded in my vision for writing solo all weekend, to roll to a day event that represented its own blend of hippy-gypsy energy that housed a place for style hunters to vibe out, sip custom cocktails, eat vegan tacos, shop local designers dance to DJ sets, and watch live performances by a group of talented musicians. The collective is all about empowering the woman artist archetype inside and outside of a house that felt more like a mini pop-up shop than anything.
IMG_5422 copy 2
Left: Ja’Niya Walker, Monica Ulrich (center) and Farah Shea (right)
Left: Ja’Niya Walker, Monica Ulrich (center) and Farah Shea (right)
There was nothing but good energy inside and outside from the moment I walked into the event. I noticed straight away, the space beheld the dopest blend of artists and fashion conscious people with LA’s signature laid-back beach bum style, absolutely suited for the occasion. I was happy to find two full racks of custom re-constructed vintage finds that Monica Ulrich is so well-known amongst her community for creating. I was in stylist heaven. I live for one-of-a-kind, statement worthy things so I spent most of my time, shopping, socializing and in dress rehearsal like I was preparing for an artist showcase. Everyone I met was so warm and positive, and confident in their own stylish form. There were various booths indoors and outside that felt more like a mini fashion pop up, and many things it was.
Sequin butterfly lace off the shoulder top designed by Monica Ulrich. 
As nearly a Los Angeleno native, living in LA for twelve years (and counting) – it frequently blows my mind how challenging it can be to find such a winning combination inside an atmosphere that contains all of the alluring, non-superficial elements that I always believed represent the true charm of So Cal. I might have to begin my transit back into the social realm, and start to attract like-minded energy again, so I can release myself from this introverted shell that has become obnoxiously comfortable this past year. So maybe I’ve been going through some things, but not without introspection and fulfillment. By all means, I’ve enjoyed this intimacy with myself. But stepping out on trust, truly put a measure on understanding my value as an artist, and equally the value of networking. It is perfectly fine to be vulnerable, and unapologetically true to your needs, but without over-compensating your energy with things that do not increase your vibration, or aligning yourself with things that compromise your focus. There is a beautiful balance in maintaining a sense of presence, but honoring your personal boundaries.

IMG_5472 copy

IMG_5445 copy
Its a wonderful thing to meet likeminded people and share energy, and hold space for conscious networking that doesn’t predicate around the amplification of a specific career gain. One of the aspects of being a part of the fashion world is that everyone is often chasing something, chasing after someone, and desperately seeking validation that they are enough. This is a tough business. I’ve taken a lot of shit in the past, but these days my disinterest for projecting a monopolized barter system for my services is long gone. I’m all about forward acceleration, and creating a new chapter based on holistic, conscious-minded, and growth-oriented professional relationships. To join forces with such an awesome community of artists truly put the soul back into my pursuits. I needed a tool for reconnection. And my gratitude for such speaks in quite volumes.

IMG_5415-copyIMG_5453 copy

To hold space with a badass tribe of artists, musicians and designers, and support LA’s independent talent, and vibe out to live music, shop local, and eat beautiful vegan Mexican food was official. Nochella was the best decision I could have made. There’s a underlying inspiration that I graciously took from this unexpected experience. It’s exciting to link with a crew of strong, resourceful and undeniably cool women on a similar mission, and equally of LA’s lost artist culture. I see some brilliant collaborations with these girls in the very near future. Be sure to acknowledge musician/artist, model and designer Monica Ulrich (known by her artist name ‘Choric Lumina and “The Light Crusaders”) and become familiar with her dear friend, Farah Shea (fashion stylist and artist) by checking out their Instagram pages. Both girls are a fearless force of their own with ample energy and talent to contribute to the world. You can peep Choric Lumina via her Soundcloud here. And also connect with Farah Shea on her latest You Tube Video here.


Style Credits: 

Sequin butterfly lace off the shoulder top by Monica Ulrich
Floral silk skirt by VINTAGE
Crop top by H&M
Choker by THRIFTED
Tinted eyewear by Monica Ulrich
Watch by THE FIFTH
Shoes by ZARA

Thank you for your support and readership, lovelies! I have much more content to come. See you next week!

Ja’Niya Xx

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