SS18’s most coveted handbag

Hey Guys, I couldn’t wait to share this amazing designer that you must know about! Ivy & Fig makes vegan, eco-friendly, and trend conscious items that I 100% endorse. Their handbags are beautiful, sophisticated, and of excellent quality. I love that the price point is as affordable, as it is equally stylish. And the materials are butter-soft, spill and waterproof, and safe for the environment. It’s not very often you will find luxury quality like this, at such a discounted price. And I’d LOVE for each of you to be able to take advantage of the sale Ivy & Fig is having, so you can acquire one for yourself! And because I’m feeling extra generous, I invite you to join me and take 25% off at checkout using my coupon code: “JANIYA” at checkout. This is available only for a limited time, so please make sure you jump on this before all of the handbags are sold out! You can select your color of choice, and place your order here.


Ok, and so before I let you go, I want to share exactly what has the most appeal to me, and why I swear by this handbag, and why you need it. Aside from the technical details. Stylist to stylist Woman to woman. Woman to Queen. This bag has multi-wearability, and its NEVER going to go out of style. The shape is classic. The dual sized straps give it a timeless look, and let’s discuss the actual goodness of the size and storage capacity. This bag is the bomb!  I haven’t owned an earth tone handbag in over a decade, so for me to love this one is a big fucking deal. Not only is the handbag a functional design, its like you can never not have more than enough space to organize your personal belongings when you have this bag at your disposal.
Hear me when I say that, every stylist, every woman with style hasn’t owned a sophisticated purse, until you’ve had this one, or anything similar to this shape and design. This has me serioulsly questioning my past choices on accessories, and it’s beginning to make me look at myself a little judgy. I’m about to do a closet sweep and banish my handbag collection and start over. Apparently, I haven’t been living. Lol. Thanks to Ivy & Fig for putting me up on game, now I can adjust the lens of where I’m looking when it comes to choosing quality and beautiful handbags to wear.


If you can’t wait to up your handbag game, and get with the program, you have a limited time to make your move. So my advice is you better get on top of this deal while it’s hot, and before they’re all gone!!! Take 25% at checkout using COUPON CODE: “JANIYA” and you can pick your bag of choice here.
Style Credits: Turtleneck bodysuit and Sleeveless waterfall cape by ASOS, High rise denim by Primark, Handbag by Ivy & Fig, Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell, Watch by The Fifth, and Cuff bracelet by BCBG // Photography by: Oji Nuri // Styling by: Ja’Niya Walker
 Thank you for your support darlings!!
XO, Ja’Niya 

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  1. Love the earth tone bag and you look gorgeous as always!

    1. Thank you, yeah earth tone is different for me as a handbag. I’m a strictly black leather handbag girl, slowly climbing out of my comfort zone. Thanks for the love sis! Xoxo

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