Its been a helluva year, y’all. I’ve missed you! So much has happened, I don’t even know where to start. This is the year I’ve declared that will unleash the hidden talents that I’ve kept preserved and locked away for so long. It’s almost time to introduce you to aspects about my life, that have made me accountable for my unapologetic and no fucks attitude on conquering every corner of fear that may have tried to stand in the way of my success. I tell you that my determination to roll through every barricade intended to offset my ambitions never made its intended target. And I can’t wait to disclose the specifc things that have made me become such a beast at becoming efficiently armed with the tools to master any challenge in my path. I’ve used this energy to amplify my intentions and built a reputation that made my work speak in volumes until I had the right elements in place to effectively pursue my targets. I’ve always felt there is nothing more powerful than to make your moves in silence, and when the time is right give emphasis where its needed.  Alas, there is so much to be said by saying very little, and I took all the time I needed to explore this theory over this past year, and I think I’m ready to let my story be heard.
Behold, the latest feature I was wildly passionate about contributing to for Look Vine regarding the true definition of Street Style!

LookVine Feature-1 march-9-18



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