Look lovelies, we made it! Here’s to wishing us all the very best and beyond for 2016!

But before I get into the dramatics, and discuss this; new year, new me… blah-blah-blah, I have to say thank you for sticking with me throughout my extreme absence. And so, I wanted to address something very important. And being completely honest. My blog remained inexistent for most of last year because I had lost sight of the importance of it. None of it happened purposely, it just evolved that way on its own.

2015 for me, surely wasn’t all butterflies, fairytales and magic dust. As much fun as it is to sugarcoat things, I can’t crack the code of how 2015 became the great teacher that taught me many invaluable life lessons. But I am grateful to be back with a clean slate, an emptied mind and a fresh vision that can only see a clear path ahead and a precise picture of my goals.

One of my greatest metaphors for transition is symbolic to shedding layers like that of a snake that sheds its skin. In order to grow, its absolutely essential to peel away the layers of our own psyche and remove the dead weight. Its like the most crucial piece of new beginnings that anyone who wishes to experience change, could acknowledge and welcome.

With that said, it’s incredible to begin with a fresh and promising start to 2016! So here’s to my blog-o-morphosis! 

Get ready to explore all of the transformational changes coming your way, I promise you will see tons of evolution and growth, and I am excited to begin sharing with you again!


P.s. look details for NYE 2016 as follows:

Jumpsuit by Missguided,

Body chain by VII VICTORY (my design)

Heels by The Blonde Salad for Steve Madden

Bracelet by Miranda Konstintinidou

Thank you again for your unconditional support darlings!

XO Ja’Niya XO




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