If you’ve been following my blog, it’s safe to say that one of my latest OBSESSIONS with winter is layering! And what better way to translate this vision than to wear one of the hottest winter accessories, leather trousers and trench coats?

Los Angeles has been consistently on target with grey skies and fifty degrees these past few weeks for the holiday’s – which I’ve simply adored. It’s been driving high doses of inspiration and thanks to my new commitment… I mean New Years Resolution, its become crucial to spend more time shooting fun content for the blog, and for my darling readers of course.


So considering all things forward — I could not hardly wait to dive into my thoughts on “how to beat the cold in style this winter season” — because let’s be honest, it’s every fashionista’s wet dream to dress appropriate for the season, and yet — be stylish and in winter’s case, warm.  And — since I’m a fan of mixing textures, it was only natural to consider the pairing of leather, denim, and wool, because, leather! And because — trench coats!


Style is a way to define your mood, so for me — this is the perfect cross between feminine tailoring, edgy street style, and a touch of menswear (that I’m known to do so often, and well.)  **wink** As a stylist, I love living with the freedom to be different. With that said, I applaud the idea of mixing feminine-androgyny into a daily uniform. And yet with things that look incredibly stylish, but at the same time don’t break your pockets.


As a fashion stylist, I seek items that translate a good rotation from season to season — which serve more value than a few months. — And since (let’s face it) trends come and go TOO quickly! I’m all about finding items with TRUE lasting power. I fall in love with the kind of things with unexpected character. And my boots, in this case (which feel more like a slipper; than a high heel) have phenomenal staying power! In my opinion, there’s very little that can top a buttery soft leather lace up bootie, with a cap toe… ok maybe, I’m lying. Maybe a pair of spiked pointy-toe Christian Loubitin pumps could suffice the latter. But for now, since we’re discussing “affordable” styles… my good old Jeffrey Campbell’s serve great purpose. Ha-ha!


In closing, when shopping for clothing to add to my wardrobe (i mean collection) — its important to seek out styles that last. Because I’m into the idea of smart spending… which means that in considering what to purchase, its a fact that I never make impulse decisions. I believe in building value in how I choose to spend my money. As trendsetter’s, I think it’s smart and empowering for us all to look deeper at the scale of our fashion purchases in 2015. Choosing to commit to the idea of only buying things that stretch multiple seasons. I like to think of this year, as one that returns back value. So it’s not about the volume of things owned, but the value of things that become your part of your investment.

25 copy


Denim top by ASOS

Leather trousers by H&M (yes, real leather. haha!)


Trench Jacket (custom) by ANGELO ESTRADA

Vintage Hat by NEW YORK HAT CO

Necklace by BCBG

Cuff Bracelet by BCBG


Eyewear by A.J. MORGAN (Growze Boutique, LA)

Until The Next My Loves!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. I love your hair and you’re so pretty! X
    Just followed, would be much appreciated if you followed back ❤

    1. Awe thank you!! I’d love to follow your blog! Following back now. 😊

  2. Looking fly as usual!! I’m loving the affordable options for the every day girl and that trench is amazing!! ❤️

    1. Why thanks sis! And of course part of what inspires me with my OOTD’s is to show people that you can dress impressive despite what labels your wearing. Thanks for your lovely feedback always! This trench is everything by the way and Angelo designed it in 2007. 😍❤️💋

      1. Always sis! You are a perfect example of that! I agree the trench is everything and completely ties your look together! Beautifully done!

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