If this look had a name, it would be “Girl on a Mission in a Sweater Dress and Joggers!” Yep! Don’t hate. What’s not to love about having the balls to put together something so oddly cool, that most people wouldn’t ever consider when getting dressed in the morning? Take for instance, grey, on top of grey, on top of silver, with a neutral statement shoe, and own it. Like me. (smiles)


Meanwhile, in la-la land, as I dream of sweater I mean, “snuggle weather” – it’s easy to recall why all the fashion rules do not exist here. I have become super fond of sport-chic influence in my every day because this city is so laid back, that heels aren’t totally necessary in order to pull off a well-dressed look. Yet, do as you choose.


In this case, take something basic (jogger sweats) throw on something a bit more extravagant (sweater dress) and top it off with a fierce shoe. There are no rules to what works, when it comes to dressing for yourself. This look to me is a bit more pulled together than “I-Just-Rolled-Out-of-Bed” hence sweats, but also says I am stylish, and yet quite comfortable.


The moral of the story is, sometimes the “less you try” the more pulled together you actually look. Its all about proportion here. As you can see, there’s more volume on top, and because I’m not super tall (I’m mid-height, standing at 5’6) so to me, a heel is extremely necessary to avoid looking too boxy, and alas, boring.

As a color, grey tends to be a difficult one to style (for the non-stylist trained eye types) because it is soft shade, and tends to fade in the background — it can look rather boring if it’s missing a special touch. If you’re going to wear all grey, try adding some MAJOR sparkle like a bold statement necklace, or strong metallic accessory to pop out the color. In my case, I chose an oversized quilted silver clutch, and paired it with a beige shoe, to up the look and leave a statement. When in doubt, remember – a sports element added to a contemporary look takes it a little more outside the lines from ‘safe’ to streetstyle, and also, is a good way to create a conversation piece, if you’re a social person that loves to network it will make your look appear much more approachable.


Sweater dress by THEORY

Jogger sweats by H&M


Clutch by TOPSHOP

Eyewear by ZARA


Until the next my loves!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Love the casual comfort of this look and the way you pulled it together with the heels and clutch! Heart eyes from head to toe! 😍

    1. Awe, heart eyes!! Thank you sister-face!! 😘

    1. Weeee! Thank you! ❤️

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