Denim Wars!

Don’t you just love the million ways one can wear denim on top of denim? Ah, we’re not so sure either. But with a little research (and a few dress fittings) we decided to give it a whirl. What could be worse? You pair a light hue denim wash, with a darker denim wash, and then continue. Oh, just layer your little heart away! Worst case scenario, you discover you love, or hate it. Big deal! What’s the hurt in trying? After all, It’s all about the balance. For us, style is less about following trends, and more about learning what works for you.


With that said, we are all for the idea of exploring everything style related. This is the fun in dressing up! Or down, in this case. “Creative freedom in what you wear, is the essence of true style, and it’s about being unpredictable.” So when you opt to try a trend for yourself either “do it with passion; or not at all.” Life is boring, when you look boring (ha – we might have to trademark this!)


As you can see, we’ve customized this denim trend to our own taste level. “Sometimes you have to go to war with an idea that something isn’t quite for you.” Which is why we’ve called this post “Denim Wars.” Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. There is a gigantic world out there, and denim is made to explore! We may have had our doubts in the beginning. But with a quick test run, we’re no longer skeptics to this trend. The journey of denim is endless; as your imagination should be.

At Last… We’ve Put Together The List of Brands in This Head To Toe Ensemble Just For You! Feel free to hunt for denim pieces that work for your personal style. If you’re more conservative maybe you’ll enjoy brands like: Banana Republic, or Gap for more classic styles. Also, Levi is one of the most classic and favored denim brands out there. Try tattered styles for a slight edge. If you like high waist denim, or retro inspired pieces, go for American Apparel. Just a few options out there! Here’s what we did:

Denim Jacket with Leather Sleeves by ALEXANDER WANG
Retro-inspired Bellbottoms by BDG
Denim crop blouse by VINTAGE (thrifted)
Necklace by LOVISA
Clutch Purse by BCBG (fur-trim, add-on handmade)
Pointy-toe pumps by ZARA

Until the next, stay fabulous!