Check Out LA Stylist Ja’Niya Walker

Lovely Stylist Interview about my work in the fashion industry. Thank you Dani! 🙂


Within the fashion world, she’s known as influential, daring, bold and creative.  She has worked with big names such as: Dawn Richard, Usher, and Stacey Dash, to name a few.  Ja’Niya Walker obtained her Fashion Design degree from the Institute of Seattle where she learned to perfect her craft and pull influences to help mold her high fashion, with an edgy twist, style.  This year, she’s been listed as one of LA’s “Top Most 25 Influential Fashion Stylists” and continues to create groundbreaking and breathtaking visual masterpieces.  Ja’Niya was kind enough to answer some questions and share some background on her journey thus far.  Check out what she has to say:

What or who are some of your biggest influences?

Some of my biggest influences come from fashion history. Every great person of influence to me is from another decade. One of my absolute favorites is Audrey Hepburn. 


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  1. kelly says:

    Weeee…of course I’m going to leave a reply…Ja’Niya walker you are too fabulous for words but if I could describe what you do and who you are in a few words they would be, Fly, On-trend, genius. Love you always and forever proud.

    1. Aww!!! Thank you mama! Means so much. <3333

  2. Loved reading this article and interview! It made me smile. especially the part about childhood and impersonations. Lol! You are such an inspiration to me and deserve every bit of success coming your way!! xoxo

    1. hehe! It was a lot of fun thinking about our childhood. Every bit of it is true. Truly touches me to hear how you think of me, and you’re an inspiration also, sis! You’re support means the world to me. Thank you infinitely. xoxo

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