The Peek-a-Boo Dress: 2013’s Newest Trend

The Peek-a-Boo Dress: 2013's Newest Trend

According to global fashion trend experts, it’s believed that this veil hem gown may be one trend we’ll regret wearing later. My thoughts are that if worn with simplistic elegance (with the right styling which includes: hair, makeup, jewelry and accessories) it’s sure to be a modern trendsetting style that continues to evolve. There are some tasteful styles I’m presently stalking, and also some not so flattering ones I’ve seen. For instance, the sheer panel design gowns with vertical stripes continuing throughout the sheer veil, I find a bit distracting to an already shockingly revealing sheer hemline. Subtlety always wins. I predict this trend is one we’ll see plenty more of in 2014. In fact, I almost look forward to the many ways we’ll see this style knocked off on the runways next spring. I can almost guarantee, this gown is on the rise as one of 2013’s most talked about looks. One that will certainly give sex-appeal a brand new purpose.

As for my inside opinion, I first spotted this trend back in 2012 with one of my all time favorite London-town designers whom I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with in 2012. The top right gown belongs to Malgorzata Dudek’s Giger Collection.

In the meantime, you’re thoughts on this new trend?


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  1. Not sure I could pull off this look, but I know you could. For some reason I’m liking the 3rd look in sheer/white the most, but they’re all special and stunning pieces.

    1. You could totally pull this off and own the look!! I’d definitely rock the all white myself. That is honestly my most favorite style as well. But why am I not surprised, twin? xo

      1. Hehe!! Great minds always think alike!! twinsies 😉 xoxo

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